The Olayan Group is a multinational enterprise with an actively managed portfolio of global investments. The Group’s primary parent company is headquartered in Vaduz, Liechtenstein. The Group also has international offices in New York, London, Luxembourg, Vienna, Athens and Singapore. The Group’s parent for MENA investments and operations is based in Riyadh.
The Group’s in-house professionals manage a multi-billion-dollar investment portfolio. This includes public equity, private equity, fixed income, credit, foreign exchange and real estate. Investing both directly and in partnership with leading developers, the Group’s diverse real estate portfolio includes commercial, residential, and mixed-use properties.
In addition to 50 Avenue Montaigne, the Group’s real estate holdings include the wider Paris Portfolio in the city’s prestigious 8th Arrondissement, as well as other well-known historic properties, notably The Knightsbridge Estate in London, the Ritz Hotel of Madrid, and 550 Madison in New York.
The Chelsfield group is an international real estate business focused on asset management, development and investment in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore and Tokyo and other key European and Asian gateway cities. The group has been investing and developing real estate for over 30 years and currently (1) has €4.9 billion (2) of assets under management. Renowned for its hands-on expertise, and with its long and successful track record of innovation and value generation, it has an ability to unlock projects that have high barriers to entry, and to keep ahead of systematic changes in real estate practice and procedure.

1 As at 31.12.19.
2 This includes non-Euro investments converted from their own currency into Euro rates as at 31.12.19.
From small to large, from design to town planning, from the high fashion object to the city neighbourhood, from order to response, they tackle projects based on their dynamic rather than their scale. Fresh Architectures work on sites where the societal challenge equals the urban potential and the agency’s strategies are deeply anchored in reality. Entering into dialogue on equal footing with investors, elected representatives, contracting authorities whilst not hesitating to make commitments consolidates the status of social and spatial activator for Fresh, who transforms purpose into space. Initial risk-taking was converted into an established and deliberate business strategy, which makes the agency unique and provides it with the opportunity to meet first-class conversation partners, in ever-greater numbers and increasingly fascinating.
RF Studio begins each new project with a fresh outlook, without any preconceptions, and engage actively with the development and dialogue between the different fields of design, culture, new uses and purpose-specific projects. The diversity of topics we deal with is integral to the studio’s ethos, and gives us a fresh perspective to deliver an interdisciplinary approach and personalized design solutions. We are constantly tracking the latest developments in technology, innovations in business, social and economic changes, and environmental issues, accompanying our clients to the final stages of the design process, defining or redefining the specifications of an object, a building’s programming, or the dynamics of a developing suburb. Rénovation Privée offers global and tailor-made support for renovation projects in commercial, hotel, retail and residential real estate. With its know-how, its culture of innovation, its prestigious references and the breath of its real estate services, Rénovation Privée is committed to creating strong relationships with its clients and partners based on trust, free spirit and passion. Rennovation Privée: we realize, you realize.